The Merits of Micro Sabotage

SFMOMA and Airbnb Design host Minerva Cuevas and Alexandra Bell

How can small, everyday societal rebellions influence dominant perspectives while creating meaningful and lasting change? Our partnership with SFMOMA, explored this topic though the lens of mixed-media artists Minerva Cuevas (Mexico City) and Alexandra Bell (New York City) at a co-designed women’s gala. Cuevas and Bell are disrupting the status quo by questioning the social effects of the media, economic policies, capitalism, and politics. Their interventions range from altering grocery store barcodes to redacting news headlines in public spaces. Moderated by Deena Chalabi, SFMOMA Associate Curator of Public Dialogue, the conversation explored the ways in which art and design have the power to reshape conversations around issues of race, culture, ethics and equity.

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