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Design influences everything we do at Airbnb. Behind the scenes it shapes our work, how we build new tools and the ways that we share and interact with our global community.

Airbnb Design is a cross-disciplinary group of experience and production designers, researchers, technologists, writers and content strategists, graphic designers, filmmakers, producers, interior architects, project managers, photographers and more. We are former librarians, mechanics, life insurance agents, therapists and modern dancers with a variety of perspectives. We believe that design is contextual, inspiration comes in many forms, and that collaboration with our community is the key to well-designed experiences.

While some of the stories we share offer insights into our thinking, process, creative work and travel, is also about the community of global creatives that inspire our work. This is a space dedicated to sharing stories of the creatives we serendipitously discover and engage with as a result of our travel experiences through the Airbnb platform.

We believe that the richest growth and learning happens when our curiosity extends further than the community closest in proximity to us. We invite you to join us for the adventure.

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