The Art of Presence

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An event poster with an image of garlic, wheat, mushroms, and cilantro. It reads, "Kate Daughdrill, the Art of Presence."


Kate Daughdrill is a Detroit-based artist and urban farmer who uses living sculpture, shared meals, farming, and plants as mediums for connection. Her projects include co-founding Detroit SOUP (a public dinner that mobilizes citizens to fund micro-grants for local projects), and Edible Hut (a community gathering space with a living, edible roof for residents, artists, organizations and schools).

For my generation Detroit is no city on the skids, but a theater of engagement.
– Kate Daughdrill

Kate’s work captures the growing role of civic responsibility through art, and challenges others to play a similar role in shaping cities around the world. Her projects, such as Detroit SOUP and installations inspired by her urban farm on the city’s Eastside, have enriched communities and continue to live on in Detroit.

She has exhibited her work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, Cranbrook Art Museum, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Fred Torres Collaborations, and the Art Gallery of Windsor. She has also been profiled in the New York Times,  Dwell, and the Huffington Post.

Join us to learn about how the healing of Detroit through art can inspire similar efforts in our own communities. We’ll explore how art, plants and food can become mediums for connection while creating spaces for growth. Kate will discuss how being present, and open to more authentic connection, can shape what type of city we live in and cultivate.

In partnership with our in-house food team, the evening will be experiential and involve a dinner ceremony–prepared with ingredients and seasonings from local farms and producer Omnivore.

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