Launching 爱彼迎 (Ai Bi Ying)

Behind the scenes of our latest brand launch film.

Behind the Scenes — Airbnb Editorial

Our Singapore-based creative team wanted a community-oriented way to introduce our new Chinese brand name, Ai Bi Ying, to our local Chinese audience. The characters of “Ai Bi Ying” translate into three distinctly separate ideas in English: “welcome,” “love” and “each other.” Although these 3 word-characters are common in the Chinese language, they are never grouped together in the order that they are – “Aibiying.”

We partnered with four emerging artists to create a short film that interprets each character as a work of art. In the film we see how each artist – a typographer, an installation artist, and a fashion designer, express their interpretation of the meaning of “welcome each other with love.” From the last snowflakes of winter in China’s northeast, to the neon lights of Shanghai’s expressways, to the countless times of day that the individual Chinese characters “Ai,” “bi,” & “ying,” are seen throughout China — we see, hear, and experience a montage of visual inspiration intermixed with glimpses of their final creations.

Partners: Zhang Tian, Tian Mo ‘Momo’ Wang, Ma Jiqiu and Ying Yong Hui | Creative Lead:  Samya Deb


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