The Duality of Chaos

Airbnb Design—Talks featuring Actor and Improv Artist Julie Brister

The plan is there is no plan, and the only rule is you have to say yes. This is the playground for Julie Brister—an Actor and Improv Artist with versatile credits including Goliath (Amazon), Parks and Rec (NBC), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX), and Conan (TBS).

California College of the Arts was her stage for the evening, where 200+ members of the creative community gathered to learn about Julie’s journey, and take in her expertise by experiencing it firsthand. Julie shared a bit about how she leapt into the world of acting by way of the Upright Citizens Brigade 20+ years ago, and how the chaos of improv taught her to be a better teammate, collaborator, and actor.

Curious? Check out the full experience.

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