Airbnb Design—Talks No. 9

Reflecting Identity with Joshua Kissi

Events — Airbnb Design Editorial

Behind the scenes of the Airbnb Design—Talks season finale featuring photographer, Founder, and Creative Director Joshua Kissi. A first generation Ghanaian-American, Joshua channels his distinct perspective to champion communities of color by depicting them truthfully.

At age 18, he and Travis Gumps co-founded a fashion blog that evolved into Street Etiquette—a creative agency that showcases style using a cultural, historical, and urban perspective. The natural and necessary evolution of his work is TONL—a stock photography company that accurately showcases the ethnic backgrounds of everyday people. In the last ten years, Joshua his work has caught the attention The New York Times, GQ, Design Observer, OkayAfrica, and NPR.

For one evening only, Joshua took the San Francisco creative community on an immersive journey through the evolution of his work. He capped the evening with an inspiring conversation around owning identity and holding space, professionally and personally, for others to express their own.

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