Airbnb Design—Talks No. 1

Watch Pop Artist Todd Sander's talk about the "Evolution of Neon"

Todd Sanders is an American pop artist and founder of renowned neon gallery, Roadhouse Relics (featured in the New York Times Guide: 36 Hours in Austin). His modern vintage work, which Sanders describes a rustic, garish and over-the-top, has been exhibited in the Los Angeles Museum of Neon Art and Samuel Owen Gallery. His art has also appeared in films (including Robert Rodriguez’s Boyhood), on album covers, and in notable brand collaborations.

In this video Todd explores the visual language of cities, the relationship between neon and urban revitalization cycles, and the medium’s ultimate evolution from signage to symbolism. This video is part of our ongoing Airbnb Design — Talks series focused on artists that change, protect, document, and shape their communities with their work.

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