Photo Mixtape No. 5

A visual playlist from an adventurous escape to Thailand

Categories: Destinations, Inspirations — Julia Khusainova

As a designer, I’m in constant pursuit of inspiration. Getting stuck in monotonous routines runs the risk of creative work falling flat, so I set out to find a place drastically different than home. Lucky for me, my boyfriend was up for an adventure and it was, ‘Thailand, here we come.’

I grew up in Russia and now live in San Francisco. Our trip to Thailand was my first ever to Southeast Asia, and I immediately fell in love with the culture—the people, food, and traditions. It was vastly different than anywhere I’d been before—hot and humid, foreign and traditional.

Special moments were sprinkled throughout the entire trip. We rode motorcycles through the jungles across Koh Samui, and to a mountaintop that revealed a hideout where we sipped on the most delicious mai tais. I even became a certified scuba diver!

I returned home realizing that a little adventure goes a long way—that a willingness to visit unfamiliar places or learn new lessons makes anything possible. Now, back in my usual routine, I remind myself of this every day.

A narrow, tree-lined street A crowded street full of vendors Flags hang above the street Building with fine gold details Plant-lined sidewalk Taxis ride down the street Homes along a canal A home with many plants Close-up shot of hanging plants Hanging plants Street view Highly detailed statues A highly ornate building, white and gold A well manicured tree A photo of monks walking away from behind


Julia Khusainova is an Experience Designer at Airbnb. She loves traveling.

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