The User Has A User

Design Lead Vibha Bamba at IxDC 2018

Events — Airbnb Design Editorial

While simplicity continues to be a cornerstone of design, the question of whether people can get through the UI is now foundational. The bigger question is what are people making with the UI we put out there? Tools used to be practical mechanisms but today they are social places. You can say that you’re ready to move on from a project because the practical nature is addressed, but when we examine everything that people are doing with our UIs in a social context, that’s a key to uncover nuanced details and complex user behaviors at scale.

During this workshop, Design Lead Vibha Bamba will use a few post-launch scenarios of real-world products to talk about a design process and opportunities to react to these observations. Then, attendees will use breakout groups to collaborate on this exercise. Each group is likely to focus on a specific set of results that are observed post-launch, and design their process as well as an iteration under a set of constraints.

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