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Research Manager Shruti Kataria speaks at The UX Research Conference

Events — Airbnb Design Editorial

Researchers often get lost in the day to day humdrum of gathering and sharing data. We are tasked with being objective, representing our users, and off we go in pursuit of insight. But what about our opinion? And what of our perspective? We subdue these in favor of becoming reflections of our users in what we bring back. This talk looks at what might happen if we go beyond our role as representatives of our users and bring in our own opinion to the conversation at hand. When exploring the potential impact researchers have, we can examine the limits of data in the absence of an opinionated approach, and what the value of a researcher’s perspective can be in driving informed decisions.


 Shruti is a Research Manager at Airbnb on the Support Products team in Seattle- she focuses on improving the customer service experience for guests, hosts, and support specialists. She’s an alum of Carnegie Mellon University where she completed her degree in Human-Computer Interaction and developed a soft spot for Pittsburgh. Shruti finds people to be the most fascinating and as a researcher, she gets to delve into their behaviors and intricacies. Recently, she has taken to spending time outside of work at her local pottery studio

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