Reflecting Identity

Airbnb Design—Talks featuring photographer and Creative Director, Joshua Kissi

Following a season that explored what it means to be inside or outside of boundaries, we are delighted to announce the 2017 finale of Airbnb Design—Talks with a progressive experience featuring photographer, Founder, and Creative Director—Joshua Kissi. A first generation Ghanaian-American, Joshua channels his distinct perspective, expressive aesthetic, and captivating style to champion communities of color by depicting them truthfully.

Early on he noticed a common theme in entertainment, advertising, and media—no one looked like him. At age 18, seeking to change this and leveraging the power of social media, he and Travis Gumps co-founded a fashion blog that evolved into Street Etiquette—a creative agency that showcases style using a cultural, historical, and urban perspective.

In the last ten years, Joshua and Street Etiquette have caught the attention of notable publications including The New York Times, GQ, and Essence, having worked with brands such as Adidas, Starbucks, The U.S. Open, and G-Star. With every story, Joshua prioritizes truth-telling. His work is a refreshing mix of honesty, intimacy, and energy.

The natural and necessary evolution of his work is TONL—a stock photography company that accurately showcases the ethnic backgrounds of everyday people. With their official debut in May 2017, TONL has already been featured in publications including Design Observer, OkayAfrica, and NPR.

For one evening only, Joshua will take us on an immersive journey through installations that spark all senses. Join us to learn about the everyday opportunities we all have to create beautiful, impactful stories that resonate with a diverse audience. Equal parts experience and soirée, we invite everyone to don their sartorial best.

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