Exposition of Chaos

An Airbnb Design installation at SF Design Week 2018

Events, Perspectives — Airbnb Design Editorial

Navigating the unpredictable, foggy world of chaos is familiar territory for the creative teams at Airbnb. The challenges we bring order to range from designing for trust between strangers, to community revitalization and disaster relief.

In Exposition of Chaos, we’ll examine modern chaos—the environmental, social, digital, emotional, and political—and the wide-ranging designs that address it. In a world of political unrest, health crises, and lack of equal democratic access, design plays a critical role in addressing these global challenges.

And while chaos holds many meanings, here’s what we know for certain: it’s inevitable, and with its solutions come new challenges. This year, SF Design Week is inviting us all to Start Here—to be inspired to thrive in the uncertain, to take bite-sized actions for change, and to create meaningful social innovations for the communities we care about.

So will you freeze, or activate in ambiguity? We challenge you to find out.


Exposition of Chaos was designed for everyone, is wheelchair accessible, and we welcome people of all abilities to engage with us. If you’ll need assistance or extra time, please feel free to reach out to designtalks@airbnb.com and we’ll happily accommodate.


Thursday: 12:00pm- 5:00pm (Free), 6:30pm- 9:30pm (Paid, Opening Night Reception)

Friday: 9:00am-7:00pm (Free)


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