Ditching the Default

Director of Experience Design Jenny Arden at Fortune Brainstorm Design

Events — Airbnb Design Editorial

Can designers learn to pivot from craft champions to influential business leaders? According to Jenny Arden, Airbnb’s Director of Experience Design, the answer is, “Yes, if…”.

Designers have a unique skill set that creates unparalleled opportunities for innovation. They forge their own paths and consider people’s needs first. The result? Industry-defining, innovative companies whose stakeholders are the very people they design for. After all, community-driven companies like Kickstarter, Airbnb, and Twitter were all founded by designers.

So how can designers become innovative business leaders? The first step is approaching everything like a design challenge—from interfaces and products to structures and business units. It also requires leveraging distinct opportunities and creating strategic partnerships.

In this interview, Jenny will shed light on how an experimental mind frame, entrepreneurial spirit, and people-centered focus can make designers some of the world’s best innovators and business leaders.

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