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What can design learn from journalism? The impact of bias in both industries can have a damaging effect on communities. Whether it’s misinformed public outcry caused by fake news or biased algorithms and exclusive platforms, our personal lenses influence the way we see the world and affect the solutions we design and the stories we share. This leads us to ask, “How can we solve problems for communities we don’t fundamentally understand?”

For our latest Airbnb Design — Talk we’re teaming up with SF Design Week at Pier 27 and exploring their “Question Everything” theme. We’ve invited award-winning journalist and CEO of News Deeply Lara Setrakian to help us explore how to become aware of biases and counteract them during the creative process. News Deeply is a startup that creates news platforms and builds passionate communities centered on the most pressing issues of our time. Each News Deeply site covers a single topic­­—the Arctic, refugees, Syria, water in the American West, and woman and girls—and explores those subjects with a team of experts to help readers gain a better and more nuanced understanding of complicated subjects. A hard-edged optimist, Lara believes in building innovative news platforms that are rooted in public service, that stand ready to engage and explain the complexity of our world.

Lara spent five years in the Middle East reporting for television, radio, and online for ABC News, Bloomberg Television, the International Herald Tribune, Business Insider and Monocle magazine. She is a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum and a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Inc. Magazine called her one of the “8 Women Who Could Own the Future,” while Fast Company named her one of the “Most Creative People in Business.” She’s also won acclaim for her 2017 Ted Talk on ways to fix the broken news industry.

Before the talk we invite you to explore our SF Design Week Shadows to Light installation at Pier 27. Hours of Operation: June 15: Open hours: 9:00-6:00pm (free entry).

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