Airbnb Design in Seattle

Anne Diaz discusses inclusion at Seattle Design Week.

Inclusion by Design, 7:00PM-8:00PM
Human diversity: Can it be leveraged to create meaningful experiences for billions of people? When designing experiences, businesses constantly face this question. Human beings have been at the center of design practices for a long time, yet we have done a poor job of adapting our experiences to their unique needs. How can we move from one size fits all, to one size fits one? By sharing the experience of experts across a wide variety of domains this panel will explore how empathy and diversity can fuel innovation.

Inclusion by Design Panelists:
Jyoti Shukla | Nordstrom
Oscar Murillo | Microsoft

Anne Diaz | Airbnb
Jessica Eggert | IncludeGlobal
Surya Vanka | AUTHENTIC
Moderator: Steve Clayton | Microsoft



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