Airbnb Design in Chicago

Judd Antin Speaks at Corporate Researchers Conference.

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Airbnb Research, like the company itself, has grown rapidly over the last few years — from 9 UX Researchers to more than 50 people across three research functions. In this talk, Judd Antin, Airbnb’s Director of Research, will share how the team has approached growth responsibly, while maintaining a relentless focus on collaboration and impact. He’ll also discuss how the research team is becoming more global in their work and in their perspective. Through several case studies, Antin will reveal how the team has successfully delivered global insights that have changed Airbnb’s product strategy, design decisions, and marketing efforts in positive ways. As a core part of the product organization, research is working from within to help ensure Airbnb’s products meet the unique needs of their international community of hosts and guests.

Judd Antin is Director of Research at Airbnb, a PhD social psychologist, a lapsed professional chef, current food and drink enthusiast, and still the least hippie resident of Berkeley, California.

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