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Season one: Boundary Breakers

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A new season of Airbnb Design — Talks is upon us, and we’re returning with a fresh perspective. In this new collection, we’ll be hosting conversations with a range of thought-provoking, emerging, and established creatives.

Forward – 2016-2017 collection

“Art is usually a criticism of the world as it is and a vision of the world as it might be.”  – Stephen Weil

Historically, artists have worked to refocus society’s awareness on neglected issues. As our global community evolves in both exciting and troubling ways, we need artists now more than ever.

Belonging safely in a community is central to the human experience. In order to design relevant, effective solutions for communities in transition, or for those in distress, we want to look beyond the community closest to us and ask more relevant questions.

Instead of declaring a theme for this year’s Design Talk series, we’re leading with our curiosity and resolve to ask more pressing questions: how can we more deeply understand our relationship to community, and what does it mean to be inside or outside of the boundaries?  

Through this new series, we’ll learn how our featured artists/creatives actively use creativity to change, protect, document, and shape their communities. They’ll inspire and provoke us with stories of how they’re engaging with their communities–one is mobilizing citizens to create micro grants for local artists through shared dinners, another is a visual culture archaeologist that explores themes of exclusion in pop culture, and a third monitors the destruction and revitalization of urban spaces through the health of its neon signage.

We hope you’ll join us for this collective inquiry as we discover together new ways to make and reshape the communities we are a part of, or have yet to join.



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